12-02-2010Income Tax form no.16 AA
12-02-2010Project Implementation-Directions from SSA
11-02-2010Enhanced the period of Child Adoption Leave to 180 days
11-02-2010DDE Circular about free and Compulsary education-2009-'10; data collection
11-02-2010DPI Circular: Right of children for free and compulsory Education - Circular (Click here) & Proforma (Click here)
10-02-2010Ernakulam DDE circular about District school digital Film Festival (on Feb 23,24,25)
10-02-2010General Education Circular: Aided School-Claim under Rule 51A Chapter XIV - Clarification
10-02-2010RMSA: OPERA web browser needed for doing in Linux
10-02-2010RMSA a helpfile as presentation
08-02-2010RMSA (Rashtriya Madhyamic Siksha Abhiyan) - Online Data Capturing - instuctions
08-02-2010RMSA: Data Capturing format
08-02-2010RMSA: List of Schools for School Mapping
08-02-2010RMSA: School Mapping Instructions
07-02-2010RMSA : Composition of School Management & Development committee and Directions of opening Bank Account
05-02-2010IT Training for Principals and teachers of Govt & Aided Higher Secondary Schools
05-02-2010Ernakulam DEO: Proforma for Inspire Award
05-02-2010DPI Circular - Annual advance Summer Coaching Camp for sports - April 2010
04-02-2010SSLC Mathematics Help file: Niravu (Prepared by Idukki Diet)
03-02-2010SSLC Model IT Practical Examination- 2010 (Model Questions) Malayalam
03-02-2010SSLC Model IT Practical Examination- 2010 (Model Questions) English
03-02-2010Plus One Admission: Norms prescribed for relaxation of age limit
02-02-2010EKM Diet Circular : Directions for the Mikavu Presentation in Fifth Cluster
02-02-2010Payment of salary to supernumerary staff
01-02-2010Proforma of available urinals and toilets in schools (For data collection)
01-02-2010DPI: Circular-Inspire Award for students who performs in science subjects (Std VI to X)
31-01-2010Circular about SSLC Model IT Practical Examination
31-01-2010Circular about IT practical Examination in Std VIII & IX
30-01-2010Instructins for conducting USS Examination
30-01-2010B.Ed Course 2010-'11 Selection of candidates under Departmental Quota - Circular and Application Form
27-01-2010Circular about SSLC Model IT Practical Examination
27-01-2010Sub: Writ petition and W.As challenging G.O(P) Nos.169/04/G.Edn Dated: 15/O6/O4 and 104/08/G.Edn.
27-01-2010Absorption of protected teachers-Further Clarifications issued
27-01-2010Speed y and transpent movement on files in the offices under General Education Department
27-01-2010SSLC as minimum qualification for the teaching posts in primary schools in the state
27-01-2010Qualificatin for the post of HSA(Physical Science) Modified
27-01-2010Teaching Staff-Junior senior Anomaly in Pay Fixation-Modifeid instruction
27-01-2010Student Teacher Ratio 1:40- Clarifications - Issued
26-01-2010Circular about SSLC CE Marks Data Entry & Uploading
25-01-2010Installation of CE Software (without network)
24-01-2010citizen chart for education Department
22-01-2010State IT Mela 2010 (Full result with Grades)
21-01-2010Circular about ICR forms for SSLC Examination
21-01-2010Income Tax Deduction from Salaries;for the year 2009-2010
20-01-2010Time Table for SSLC Model Examination-2010
20-01-2010Vidya Rangam Kala Sahithya vedi - Literary Work shop for Teachers
20-01-2010G. V. Raja Sports School ,Kannur Sports Division - Admission to Standard VIII: Applications Invited
19-01-2010Service test exemption of aided school clerks for grade and promotion who joined before 2006
19-01-2010SPARK, An easy way to install Demo offline in Windows and running in Linux
18-01-2010State IT Fest Programs(2010 Jan 20,21)Techno Park,Trivandrum
18-01-2010HBA; further clarifications
18-01-2010Higher Secondary Exam Notificaton 2010
18-01-2010Advantages of Spark Implimentation in offices-A review
18-01-2010Spark online feed back- New Directions
17-01-2010Spark online feed back- How?
17-01-2010Spark Training in offline mode-User Manual
17-01-2010Special School Kalolsavam 2009-'10 Directions, Items & Entry form
14-01-2010Solar Eclipse using K-Star software..Details
13-01-2010Appointment in Additional Division - Ban removed
12-01-2010SSLC-2010 CE Monitoring : DPI Circular & Proforma 1 & 2
12-01-2010DPI Circular about CE Mark publishing
10-01-2010TTC Examination 2010 - Notification
09-01-2010Consolidated statement of employees due to retire from service on 31/03 every year
08-01-20105 Kg Special rice distribution for the New Year Season
07-01-2010FullTime Benifit to Part Time Special Teachers
07-01-2010LSG Schools to Govt.Schools
05-01-2010DPI Circular for 50th School Kalolsavam, Kozhikkode - events, evaluation & instruction - reg
03-01-2010Heritage Award for Schools
02-01-2010SSLC duty in Gulf and Lakshadweep Circular
02-01-2010SSLC duty in Gulf and Lakshadweep application form
02-01-2010Maternity Leave to FM Officers Who join another post B4 Expiry of the Leave Sanctd in the former post
01-01-2010Confidential report of HSAs Details
01-01-2010Confidential report of HSAs Circular
31-12-2009Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Examination-2010
31-12-2009KSR Vol.I - 7th Edition
31-12-2009Instructions to file Annual Property Statement -Online (Internet) for Employees Other than AIS Officers - reg.
30-12-2009Kerala State Level Work Experiance Fair 2009-'10 (All Results) UP Level HS Level HSS Level
28-12-2009Kerala State Science-Wex-Social science-Maths Fair Competitions (When&Where)
28-12-2009Higher Secondary School change -Reimbursement of PTA Fund
26-12-2009Kerala State Science-Wex-Social science-Maths Fair -(Thrissur) Program Notice
26-12-2009Kerala State School Kalolsavam-2010(Kozhikode) Items, Stages, Contanct numbers
26-12-2009Ernkulam DEO: 4thStage of Teachers' Empowerment Program (When & where)(Cluster Centers)
26-12-2009Departmental Test (Jan 2010)- Time table
24-12-2009Provisional Seniority List of HSAs From 1/1/91 to 31/12/96
24-12-2009Application invited for Fin. Aid in purchase of sports goods in Govt,/Aided schools
24-12-2009Power of sanctioning GPF TA and NRA to Primary HMs restored GO(P)No:570/2009 G.Edn
23-12-2009Alteration power of AEO/DEO in Date of birth etc: GO(P)No:215/2009 G.Edn
23-12-2009Ernakulam DEO Circular: Actual No of students SSLC-2010 reg. : Entry form Download Word file
21-12-2009Aided Higher Secondary Teacher Appointment-Regional DDs forbid from attending selection Committee Meetings
20-12-2009Permission to use Computer / Laptop for I.E.D students
19-12-2009Form No.15 in KSRs for new recruits Form No.15 (Specimen)
18-12-2009SSLC Valuation Application Form & Circular
17-12-2009Teachers' Empowerment Program - DPI Circular
15-12-2009Early disbursal of salary due to Xmas
15-12-2009Details of Protected Teachers in kerala - 2009-10 (District wise)
13-12-2009Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme; Clarifications
11-12-2009IEDSS 2009-'10 Financial Assistance to children with Special Needs (CWSN)
11-12-2009EKM District Sanitation Samithi - School level Competitions
11-12-2009Special schools(Govt&Aided) Enhancement of the Boarding & Dress Allowance
08-12-2009School Wiki Editing - Circular
05-12-2009Re-introduction of HBA to Government Employees and Teachers Awareness Section - Reg
05-12-2009Ernakulam Revenue District IT,Science,Social,Maths,Work experience Fair(When & where ?)
03-12-2009Staff statement of schools under Ernakulam DDE
03-12-2009Regularisation of Panchayat School Teachers
03-12-2009Disaster Management Committee formation in schools
02-12-2009Ernakulam Revenue District Fair - Entry Forms (Maths, IT, Science)
01-12-2009Electrification in class rooms under ICT Scheme for Govt.Schools- Circular
01-12-2009District & State IT Fair - DPI Circular
01-12-2009Teacher's approach to students
30-11-2009Oath to be sworn in schools on 1-12-2009
30-11-2009Disaster Management Programme in Schools- (EKM DDE Circular)
29-11-2009SSLC Book Date of birth correction Application Form (Wanted by Amjad)
28-11-2009IT Enabled work physics - radio activity
28-11-2009Physics IT enabled text-static electricity
27-11-2009Dr.Manmohan Sigh Scholarship for PG holders - Application form & Details
21-11-2009Edusoft Softwares - A help file in Malayalam
21-11-2009Service reckoning for Pension GO(P) No.517/09
20-11-2009Vypin Sub-District Youth Festival Full Results Zip File
19-11-2009Early Disbursement of Salary and Pension in Connection with Bakrid Festival
19-11-2009DA and DR increased by 9%; orders issued
18-11-2009Ban of Study materials in Schools
18-11-2009Fire and safety Measures installation in Schols
17-11-2009Renewal of personal accident scheme
17-11-2009Placement of teachers in model residential school
16-11-2009SSLC Forms for IED Students-Zip file
16-11-2009IT School - Pouravakasarekha
13-11-2009IT Scheme of Work for class X
12-11-2009House Building Advance scheme to Government Employees reintroduced
12-11-2009Grade soft-2009 - upto 65 students
10-11-200953rd KERALA STATE SCHOOL GAMES Entry Form for Games
10-11-2009Safety Measures in School Campus - Circular
10-11-2009Thelima- A Hand Book for Health Education
07-11-2009Application form for the Appointment of Chief Superintendent
07-11-2009Manual for Science&Mathematics Fair 2009-10
07-11-2009Manual for Sports and Athletic meet 2009-10
06-11-2009Result & Tabulation sheets for Maths Fair 2009-10
06-11-2009Revison of rates of BSNL Landline connections to HSE & VHSE
06-11-2009IT Enabled Education-DPI Circular
06-11-2009Higher Secondary Exam Notification-2010 (PDF File)
05-11-2009Ernakulam DEO: Teacher Empowerment Program - IIndspell
05-11-2009DPI-Circular Empowerment program postponed in Constituencies where elections to be held
05-11-2009ICT Insurance related details and claim form
03-11-2009Soft Grade-2009 : A Spread Sheet Program for finding the Grade(Updated)
03-11-2009Pledge about the prevention of Elephantiasis
03-11-2009North Zone: Mid Term Answer Key
03-11-2009South Zone: Mid Term Answer Key
03-11-2009Noon Meal Program: Incresed the minimum wages of cook in school
02-11-2009Cancellation of earlier order regarding salary through ATM
30-10-2009OSS List for Ernakulam, Aluva,Kothamangalam & Moovattupuzha
30-10-20092010 SSLC-A list Software-Guidelines
30-10-2009SSLC A List Software- How to run (Presentation File)
30-10-2009Ernakulam DDE Circular about Adalath
30-10-2009PTA General Rules
29-10-2009Maths Teachers empowerment Program-IInd Phase Training Module
28-10-2009English Club Competition – Venues
27-10-2009Circular for Educational Sub District IT Fest
27-10-2009SSLC Examination March 2010-Concession to CWSN students
26-10-2009ENGLISH Club Competition for EKM,THR,PKD & MPM
26-10-2009Scholarships for Physically & Mentally Challenged
25-10-2009Departmental Test: Application form for Certificate
25-10-2009Departmental Test: A brief summary
24-10-2009Classification of State Govt Employees as Group A, B, C and D
21-10-2009Dress code of teachers in schools(Old Circular 04.02.2008)
20-10-2009Ernakulam DEO Pre-matric Scholarship Beneficiaries list 2008-2009
20-10-2009Ernakulam DEO - Send a report about unrecognized schools
20-10-2009Enhancement of Daily Wages to Employees
20-10-2009School Kalolsava Manual - 2008
18-10-2009List of important Registers and Records to be maintained in High schools
18-10-2009National Population Register - Service of teachers as enumerators
18-10-2009IT Education in Schools - Important Circulars & Stock Register
17-10-2009SPARK Form for Data entry
16-10-2009General Provident Fund - Temporary withdrawals from GPF-Marking of copy to the AG (A&E)(14-09-2009)
16-10-2009TTC Result-2009
16-10-2009Modification to Rule 28A of Part I, KSR- Fixation of pay - Option - Instructions issued
15-10-2009Dirctions & Instructions for Teachers & staffs in School administration - DPI Circular
15-10-2009SSLC Revaluation third spell results
15-10-2009Transfer and Postings of HMs and AEOs, DPI's Order
14-10-2009Circular for ICT Scheme Aided HS
14-10-2009Circular for ICT Scheme Aided HSS & VHSE
14-10-2009Circular for ICT Scheme Govt. HSS & VHSE
13-10-2009Departmental Test ,January 2010 (Notification)
13-10-2009Departmental Test-Fees Enhancement
13-10-2009EKM Dt C.V Raman Essay Competition & Science Congress
12-10-2009Latest Circular on ICT Scheme for Government Schools
12-10-2009Disbursement of Salary through Banks- Latest Order from Finance Dept.
10-10-2009Reg no of candidates)
10-10-2009IEDSS to CWSN
08-10-2009Half Yearly Examination-DPI Circular with REVISED HS Timetable
08-10-2009School Kalolsavam 2009-'10 (Directions for Software usage)
08-10-2009School Kalolsavam 2009-'10 (Application for Registration
07-10-2009Proforma 1 for SC-ST Girls Scholoship of STD IX -2009-10 (EKM - DEO)
07-10-2009Work Experience Fest (Primary Section Items
06-10-2009What are the Scholarships and Stipends available for our Students
05-10-2009Circulars, Pledge and Scholarship forms (Ernakulam DEO
04-10-2009Notification for SSLC Examination 2010 March
04-10-2009Notification for USS Examination 2010
04-10-2009Notification for LSS Examination 2010
04-10-2009Special Rice Transportation charge
04-10-2009Time table for LP-UP Mid Term Exam (Draft)
02-10-2009Leave Surrender Order Latest
02-10-2009Treasury Fixed Deposits; rates of interest revised
01-10-2009Laptop Usage in schools CIRCULAR
01-10-2009IT Half Yearly Examination CIRCULAR
01-10-2009IED CIRCULAR
30-09-2009Ernakulam DEO Collect Scholarship
30-09-2009Ernakulam DEO Painting Competition
30-09-2009TPFP-Corrections for solving age problem in Windows Read m
29-09-2009TPFP-Corrections for solving age problem in Windows Read me (Help File
28-09-2009Enhancement of Maternity Leave; Extending the benefit to newly recruited female employees
28-09-2009Enhancement of Maternity Leave upto 180 days (Dated: 1-4-2009)
28-09-2009Wild Animals week-Painting Competitio
26-09-2009World habitat day on 05-10-09 - Essay competition for HS students By Kerala State Housing Board
22-09-2009VENUE of IT Forum meetings to be held on 24th- ERNAKULAM
20-09-2009Kalolsavam 2009-2010 (Data Entry in Free software) (DPI Circular)
19-09-2009Mathematics Olympiad Brochure 2009/2010
18-09-2009Software Freedom Day - Instructions UPDATED
18-09-2009Crediting of DA Arrears to PF Accounts; Time limit extended
18-09-2009Scheme for Infrastructure Development Private Aided/Unaided Minority Institutes(IDMI)
18-09-2009Central Sponcered Scheme for Providing Quality Education in Madarasa(SPQEM)
17-09-2009Text Book indent forms Download
16-09-2009Ramzan 2009; Early disbursement of pay and allowances of Muslim Employees
15-09-2009Ernakulam DSMA Mathematics Action Plan 2009-'10
14-09-2009Ernakulam Revenue District Adhalath at DDE (on 8-10-'09)
10-09-2009G.O regarding sanctioning of Unrecognised School Students to study in Govt/Aided Schools
30-08-2009Enhancement of daily wages to various employees
28-08-2009Festival Allowance for Cook in Schools
26-08-2009Prohibition of collection of funds through school students
26-08-2009Staff Fixation 2009: Teacher-Student ratio 1:40
25-08-2009Government sites should be prepared in Malayalam
23-08-2009School Kalolsavam Manual-2008
20-08-2009The Window - Presentation File (For Cluster display)
18-08-2009ICT Installation Certificate(Take two copy
19-08-2009Scholarship for the students whose parents are working in the Cleaning Section
18-08-2009"Velicham" - A Book for the parents of Children with Special Needs
14-08-2009Onam Advance-346/2009 fin dt 14-8-2009
14-08-2009Onam Advance to Part time Employees
14-08-2009Mobile Ban - Directions
14-08-2009BPL Survey Duty 2009 - Surrender Order
14-08-2009G.O. Bonus,Festival Allowance
13-08-2009GO for Early disbursement of Salar
09-08-2009Circular for Aided schools to join in ICT in HS, Aided HSS, Aided VHSE
04-08-2009Instructions for IT Corner activities in schools
04-08-2009Information Act - (Malayalam Version
04-08-2009Installation of Debian Gnu/Linux
04-08-2009Form & Instructions
04-08-2009National Talent Search Examination 2009-’10 –SCERT Kerala (Application Form)
04-08-2009Premetric Scholarship Form
04-08-2009Specimen Copy of Premetric Scholarship (Filled)
04-08-2009Premetric Scholarship (Directions)
16-07-2009Galileo little scientist-Students
16-07-2009Galileo little scientist-Hand book for Teachers
16-07-2009Year Plan for Std X
16-07-2009Year Plan for Std IX
16-07-2009Year Plan for Std VIII
06-07-2009Total Physical Fitness Programme
01-07-2009DA 10% G.O (P) No.211/2009
25-06-2009A malayalam help file for Dr.Geo
24-06-2009SSLC SAY RESULTS - 2009
22-06-2009IT Enabled Edn-2009: Maths, Physics, Chemistry
20-06-2009Rasmol - Chemistry Software in Linux Operating System
14-06-2009Flash Player for Linux